Environmental Drilling Services – Collection of groundwater samples from various locations. Depths varying from 10 feet to 55 feet bls via DPT methods.

Kennedy Space Center, Florida National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA

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ATI Companies Drilling Team completed a DPT Drilling and Sampling project at the Kennedy Space Center – NASA which included collection of multiple groundwater samples from several boring locations, reaching total depths of 55 ft below land surface, via Direct Push Technology (DPT) methods.

Using a Geoprobe 7730 DT, Ambient Technologies, Inc. (ATI) was able to accomplish the required Scope Of Work which included nine soil borings to 55 ft, forty-eight ground water samples collected direct from DPT SP16 Groundwater Sampler plus abandonment of 471 ft with a Geoprobe GS 2000 grout injection pump. A decontamination pad was built to properly steam clean and manage Investigation Derived Waste (IDW).

Decontamination of drilling equipment between samples was required.  Steam cleaning was used for decontamination. 

Pressure grouting method was required to abandon each borehole.  A GS 2000 Grout System was used. This process consisted of pumping grout through SP probe rods to the bottom of the open borehole. Once the grout level reached the elevation of the water table the remaining portion of the borehole was abandoned by the direct pouring of grout or tremie grouting methods to complete the abandonment of the borehole.

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