Welcome Peter Christensen - Principal of ATI Geologica - a Subsidiary of Ambient Technologies, Inc.

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ATI Companies is pleased to announce the formation of a new subsidiary called ATI Geologica headed up by Peter Christensen, Principal and Technical Director. ATI Geologica specializes in In-Situ Testing for geotechnical and environmental investigations using advanced geo-environmental methods of exploration including CPT. Peter also provides field support services such as soil sampling, geological logging, and conventional drilling oversight.

A positive leader, outgoing team player, and problem solver, Peter brings 12+ years of engineering geology and in-situ testing experience to the company. Peter has worked on the consulting side of the industry for the past 10 years on projects in the UK, Turkey, Oman, and South Africa and now looks to grow in Florida, Southeastern United States and The Americas.

Please join us in welcoming Peter to the team.



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Ambient Technologies, Inc. Environmental Drilling & Sampling at a Superfund Site - Orange County, FL.

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Ambient Technologies Drilling Team completed DPT Drilling, Soil & Water Sampling and Monitoring Wells installations, at a Superfund Site in Orange County, Florida, which included 25 Soil Borings to approximately 60-ft below land surface and sampling every 5-ft and the installation of 10 – 1.5-inch Monitoring Wells to 38-ft below land surface, via Direct Push Technology (DPT) methods. 

Happy Labor Day from Ambient Technologies and Subsidiaries

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Thank You to our Friends, Clients, Colleagues, Nurses, Doctors, all Support Workers and our Field Personnel who have kept us working safe and healthy during these difficult and dangerous times. Let us all continue to Collaborate and Improve each other's Lives in this Great Free Country during these challenging times. 

Stay safe and healthy. Be kind.

Thank You for Your Time, Your Friendship, Your Trust and Your Business

From the ATI Companies Team


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