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ATI - Services

Drilling and Field Testing

__ Environmental

  • Conventional Drilling (Auger and Mud Rotary)
  • Groundwater Monitoring Wells
  • Soil Borings, Split-Spoon Test Borings, and Piezometers
  • Air Sparge and Recovery Wells for Remediation Systems
  • Injection Wells for Environmental Remediation
  • Well Abandonment
  • Nested Well Installation
  • Methane Recovery Wells

__ Probing (Direct-Push Technology)

  • Soil and Ground Water Sampling
  • Micro- and Macro-Wells
  • Air Sparge and Recovery Wells
  • Inclined Probing
  • In-Situ Testing
  • Injection Wells (ORC/HRC Compounds) - Remediation

__ Additional Capabilities through Partnering/Joint Ventures

  • Barge-Mounted Drill Rigs
  • Conventional Air and Reverse Circulation Air Rotary Drilling
  • Sonic Drilling
  • Dual Rotary (Barber Drill) Drilling
  • ROST Technology

__ Geotechnical

  • Geotechnical Drilling, Foundation Design and Sinkhole Investigations
  • Rock Coring (NQ and HQ wireline), Engineering, Natural Resources, and Quarry Site Studies
  • Marsh and Barge Drilling
  • Piezometer and Electric Instrumentation (vibrating wire) Installation
  • Packer and PumpingTesting

__ Water Supply

  • Dewatering systems for pipeline and utilities installation
  • Shallow wells for irrigation and secondary supply, including pressure system installation
  • Specialty drilling services including well rehabilitation and Geothermal

Specialty Drilling Services

__ Well Abandonment

  • Natural Resources Exploration Aggregates Minerals
  • Borehole for Geophysics and Testing

Geophysical Surveys and Investigations

__ Geological/Geotechnical

  • Geophysical Sinkhole Investigations
  • Top of Rock/Void Delineation
  • Top of Clay Mapping
  • Hydrogeologic Evaluations
  • Excavation Conditions

__ Environmental

  • Locating Tanks and Piping
  • Buried Debris/Wastes Identification
  • Delineation of Boundaries for Contaminated Soils
  • Groundwater Contaminant Plume Mapping
  • Landfill Boundaries Determination

Subsurface Utility Locating and Mapping

  • Level B Subsurface Utility Designation Studies
  • Vacuum Excavation Services
  • Clearing of Proposed Environmental and Geotechnical Sampling Locations
  • Identification of Areas of Pipeline Failure
  • Preparation of AutoCAD figures for Design/Build and Pre-Demolition Studies

Non-Destructive Testing

__ Civil Engineering/Construction

  • Underground and In-Slab Utilities Locating
  • Rebar/Post Tensioning Cables Locating
  • Identifying Voids under Slabs or Pavement
  • Confirmation of Foundation Design
  • Concrete Thickness Evaluations
  • Detection of Rebar and Cables in Concrete
  • Concrete Integrity Testing and Coring

Surveying and Mapping:

  • Boundary Surveys
  • ALTA/ASCM Land Title Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Subdivision Platting
  • Right of Way Mapping
  • Legal Description Preparation
  • GIS Mapping Services
  • Construction Staking Surveys
  • Subsurface Utility Excavation
  • Route and Boundary Surveying
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Elevation Certificates
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Renewable Energy Services and Specialty Construction

  • Solar Electricity Photovoltaic systems with Battery Back-up
  • Solar Power Units for Engineering and Scientific Field Studies
  • Solar Powered Trailers for Constructions Sites
  • Community Solar Systems for Isolates Populations, Schools, Hospitals 
  • Water Wells with Solar Powered Submersible Pumps and Water Purification
  • Design for a "specific application" and "power generation" ON/OFF GRID as Needed

ATI is certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a small disadvantaged business (SBD); by the State of Florida as a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE); by the Florida Department of Transportation as a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE), by the County and City Schools Districts as a minority-owned business enterprise (SBE/MBE); and, by the Florida Water Management Districts (SWFMD and SWFWDMD) as a small business enterprise (SBE).

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