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Environmental drilling in Lakeland FloridaEnvironmental Drilling Services, Federal Superfund Sites: Lakeland, Port Salerno, and Lake Park, Florida

ATI Companies conducted environmental drilling services for Black & Veatch Corporation to help determine extent of contaminated soil and groundwater at three separate hazardous waste sites located in Florida. ATI used multiple drilling methods that included conventional auger boring, rotary wash boring, and direct-push technology (DPT), along with sonic drilling provided through a subcontracted company.

ATI collected continuous soil samples using a split-spoon sampler and undisturbed soil samples using a Shelby tube. ATI also collected groundwater samples at specific depth intervals using a DPT sampler device and in sonic borehole, using packers. Wells were installed using stainless-steel casing to total depth down to 200 feet. ATI also provided well abandonment and waste drum handling and staging services.

Direct-push technology (DPT) forensic study to locate burial location in Tampa, FloridaEnvironmental Drilling Services, Forensic Investigation, Tampa, Florida

After two months of pre-project engineering and preparation, ATI Companies performed a direct-push technology (DPT) forensic study at a site suspected to be the burial location of a missing woman. ATI was contracted to do the work by a local police department and worked in coordination with the University of South Florida’s (USF) Forensic Anthropology Department. Prior to initiation of the work, ATI helped develop a soil sampling plan intended to recover lipid fat evidence from specific x, y, and z coordinates using the DPT tool. ATI advanced horizontal boreholes to collect undisturbed soil samples from below a concrete building slab. ATI used Geoprobe’s 2.25-inch diameter rods with LB piston and a new dual-tube system that ATI designed in-house.

Environmental Testing in Tampa FloridaEnvironmental Drilling Services, MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida

ATI Companies conducted environmental drilling services for Earth Tech, Inc., MacDill AFB, in a buffer zone located between two solid waste management units (SWMUs) and an environmentally sensitive wetland area. The project objective was to monitor potential releases of hazardous material from unexploded ordnances in the two SWMUs. To meet this objective, ATI installed groundwater monitoring wells, using a track-mounted hollow-stem auger drill rig, which were completed with either stickup casings or concrete pads flush with ground surface, depending on site conditions. Since the site was a wetland area, ATI used the track-mounted rig for site access, which included constructing a temporary bridge over a canal and clearing a tunnel through dense vegetation to minimize impact on the wetlands. Prior to installing the wells, ATI decontaminated drill equipment and well casing materials in accordance with USEPA protocols.

Modeling groundwater contamination at Cape Canaveral FloridaEnvironmental Drilling Services, NASA Space Center Launch Complex, Former Air Station, Cape Canaveral, Florida

ATI Companies provided environmental drilling services for Tetra Tech, Inc., at a site located adjacent to an active, commercial satellite launch pad on a former Air Force complex at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The objective of the project was to assist in 3-dimensional (3-D) modeling of several known groundwater contaminant plumes and in assessment of the plumes. To meet these objectives, ATI performed a series of soil borings, some to 100 feet, in a grid pattern in order to collect groundwater quality data that were used to develop a 3-D image of the plumes and to select groundwater monitoring well locations. In the borings, groundwater samples were collected every 10 feet as casing and screen were retracted from the borehole. The borings were advanced and samples collected using a direct-push technology probe. ATI then installed groundwater monitoring wells at locations based, in part, on analysis of the 3-D images.

Assessing and remediating petroleum-contaminated soil in Orlando, FL.Environmental Drilling Services, Orlando Executive Airport, Orlando, Florida

ATI Companies conducted environmental drilling services for Metcalf & Eddy, Inc., at the Orlando Executive Airport to assist in assessing and remediating petroleum-contaminated soil and groundwater related to releases of aviation fuel. For the assessment phase, ATI installed monitoring wells, collected soil and groundwater samples, and, using a proprietary direct-push technology (DPT) tool ATI developed in-house, installed double-cased groundwater monitoring wells. For the remediation planning and design phase, ATI installed injection wells as part of a pilot test to collect data for the remediation plan design. For the remediation phase, ATI worked with ADVENTUS Group to inject their patented EHC® compound into existing injection wells to stimulate in situ chemical oxidation of the contaminated soil and groundwater.

Multiple environmental drilling projects at the Tampa International Airport, FloridaEnvironmental Drilling Services, Tampa International Airport Expansion, Tampa, Florida

ATI Companies has conducted multiple environmental drilling projects for Metcalf & Eddy, Inc., at the Tampa International Airport for on-going expansion of this historic and vital airport facility. In the 1920s, the area was used as a general aviation air field until World War II when the U.S. Army leased and developed the field as a military community with sewer and water facilities, paved streets, and military-style buildings. In 1946, the Army returned the air field to the City of Tampa who then converted it into the present-day municipal airport. The city then purchased 720 acres adjacent to the airport for the airport expansion. To assist in assessing soil and groundwater quality in the expansion area, ATI installed hundreds of shallow, intermediate, and deep wells, both single- and double- cased, using multiple drilling technologies that included hollow-stem auger, mud rotary, and direct-push technology. Contaminants of concern were petroleum products, chlorinated solvents, and metals. ATI collected hundreds of soil samples and groundwater samples, while working in difficult access areas. ATI decontaminated drilling equipment in accordance with USEPA protocols.

Geophysical survey of storm water treatment and storage project.Geophysical Services, Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, Lake Okeechobee/Lemkin Creek Storm Water Treatment and Storage Project

ATI Companies conducted a geophysical survey for CDM Corporation in the Lemkin Creek area near Lake Okeechobee to characterize subsurface hydrogeologic conditions to assist in design of planned construction of aboveground reservoirs and a storm water treatment area. The goal of the CERP project is to improve the hydrology of Lake Okeechobee and downstream receiving waters. ATI conducted a combined electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) study at 25 selected locations within a several thousand-acre area. The ERI methodology was used to determine lateral continuity of semi-confining and confining sediment layers from a depth range of 60 to 150 feet. The GPR methodology assessed geologic conditions to 20 feet deep in order to determine the depth to a low-hydraulic conductivity layer within the surficial aquifer. ATI also conducted GPR and ERI in select locations to determine whether wetland areas were surface expressions of karst activity or historic man-made features. Results from the geophysical investigation were correlated with results from geotechnical drilling conducted at the site.

Subsurface geophysical investigation at the proposed site of future expansion of the Hernando County Landfill, FloridaGeophysical Services, Hernando County Landfill Site Master Plan Task 3, Brooksville, Florida

ATI Companies conducted a subsurface geophysical investigation for Brown & Caldwell, Inc., at the proposed site of future expansion of the Hernando County Landfill. The purpose of the geophysical survey was two-fold: 1) to determine depth to limestone bedrock, and 2) to determine presence of karst features. To meet the task’s objectives, ATI Companies used seismic refraction to determine the depth to the limestone bedrock and ground penetrating radar to identify near-surface karst features. The date obtained were used to direct a geotechnical subsurface investigation that followed the geophysical study and the data from both investigations were then correlated to provide a comprehensive description of subsurface conditions. ATI presented the geophysical and geotechnical data in the form of a contour map showing the depth to bedrock along with a map showing locations of suspected karst features.

Geophysical Services, Leroy Selmon Crosstown Expressway Roadway Collapse, Tampa, Florida

ATI Companies conducted a geophysical investigation for both URS Corporation and Ardaman and Associates to help determine the cause for the collapse of a supporting foundation pier which occurred during construction of the elevated Leroy Selmon Crosstown Expressway. ATI also conducted an investigation around 45 additional foundation piers where suspected karst-related geological conditions were identified. ATI used multiple geophysical technologies including ground-penetrating radar, high resolution seismic reflection, seismic crosshole shear wave testing, and seismic downhole testing. Results from the investigation indicated the collapsed pier was in the center of a suspected paleo-collapse feature that occurred at a depth range of 80 to over 250 feet below land surface. ATI found an excellent correlation between the weak soils identified in the geotechnical Standard Penetration Test borings conducted and the seismically derived-shear wave velocities.

Geological characterization study of water reserve Tampa Florida.Geophysical Services, Proposed Reclaimed Water Reservoir, Tampa, Florida

ATI Companies conducted a geological characterization study at the proposed location for construction of a reservoir intended for use to store reclaimed water. The project objectives were to assist in characterizing the subsurface hydrogeologic conditions and to identify potential sinkhole features. Special emphasis was placed on the planned location for the reservoir berm. ATI’s services included ground-penetrating radar, electrical resistivity imaging, electromagnetics, data imaging, and preparing seismic cross-section profiles and maps of subsurface features. Correlation of the geophysical data obtained with geotechnical drilling data obtained for the site allowed for extrapolation of the drilling information and identification of several features that would have been otherwise missed without these data.

Geophysical investigation for petroleum storage tanks on Grand Bahama Island.Geophysical Services, South Riding Point Site, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

ATI Companies performed a geophysical investigation at the future location of two large petroleum storage tanks for a bulk storage facility to characterize subsurface geological features. Results from a preliminary geotechnical study performed in the 1970s indicated the presence of a near-surface weak/weathered limestone unit underlain by a more competent limestone unit and the presence of larger diameter voids in the lower limestone unit.

ATI’s study was designed to identify and map the near-surface, weathered limestone and to identify and map any large-diameter voids in the lower limestone unit. ATI conducted the study using electromagnetics ( EMS) to evaluate conditions to an approximate depth range of 45 feet below land surface and used electrical resistivity imaging to evaluate conditions to 90 feet below land surface and only in areas where anomalous EM responses were observed.

Subsurface geological characterization survey in Netherlands Antilles.Geophysical Services, Statia Terminal New Storage Tanks Site, St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles

ATI Companies conducted a subsurface geological characterization survey at the Statia Terminal located in St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles, within an area planned for new storage tanks. The location of the proposed tanks required a portion of the site be excavated. Geophysical tests were performed to determine whether the volcanic rock (crystalline andesitic tuff) was rippable or would need to be excavated using explosives. ATI used seismic refraction to determine compressional wave velocity of the rock and develop topographic profiles showing P-wave velocities and used seismic down-hole seismic shear wave testing at several locations to determine the shear-wave velocity with depth. The seismic surveys identified only one portion of the site where velocities near the non-rippable range were present and would have to be excavated with explosives. Subsequent geotechnical drilling results confirmed the geophysical results.

Geophysical subsurface survey for hazardous materials in Puerto Rico.Geophysical Services, US Navy Base Property, Sabana Seca, Manati County, Puerto Rico

ATI Companies conducted a geophysical subsurface survey for CDM Corporation in rough terrain and heavy vegetation on US Navy property located in Manati County, Puerto Rico. The area had become a center for major US and European-based companies and the US Navy planned to return a portion of their property to the future development. The objective of the survey was to determine if hazardous materials or other military debris were present in the subsurface prior to transfer of the property. To meet the objective, ATI used state-of-the-art geophysical technologies that included electromagnetics and magnetometry, collected the data using a differentially corrected GPS system so only minimal site clearing had to be performed prior to the survey. ATI presented the data in geo-referenced ARC View format.

Geotechnical drilling to characterize subsurface soil conditions in Panama.Geotechnical Drilling and Utility Locating Services, Cinta Costera, Avenida Balboa, Colón, Panamá

ATI Panamericana conducted geotechnical drilling services and utility locating services along Avenida Balboa in Colón, Panamá, as part of the Construcción Urbana S.A. (CUSA) and Odebretch, S.A., Cinta Costera project to widen the avenue. ATI performed a series of soil borings in the areas of the proposed approach ramps to characterize subsurface soil conditions.

In addition, ATI used ground-penetrating radar technology to locate underground utilities along the existing roadway and marked their locations prior to the excavation phase of the road widening project.

Pre-construction geotechnical investigation for aircraft hangars in El Salvador.Geotechnical Drilling Services, Comalapa International Airport, El Salvador

ATI Panamericana, in cooperation with TACA and AEROMAN S.A., conducted a pre-construction geotechnical investigation for a planned new air hangar at the Compalapa International Airport. AEROMAN S.A., a subsidiary of Air Canada, provides aircraft maintenance services to Air Canada, Jet Blue, Air Jamaica, US Airways, TACA, and other major airlines. Their current facility has four lines of production that allows AEROMAN to service simultaneously four aircraft. ATI’s services included advancing soil borings to 65 feet and collecting continuous soil samples using a split-spoon sampler and a California sampler, preparation of soil logs, and soil classification. The data were used to prepare a geotechnical report that provided foundation recommendations, site preparation and earthquake design parameters, and risk evaluation.

Geotechnical drilling to study the feasibility of installation and use of deep injection wells in Florida.Geotechnical Drilling Services, Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), Lake Okeechobee and Estuary Recovery (LOER) Deep Well Injection

ATI Companies supplied its geotechnical drilling skills to CMD Corporation for the LOER project, a study of the feasibility of installation and use of deep injection wells. Restoration of lost water storage capacity both upstream and downstream of Lake Okeechobee is critical for preservation of the lake, its estuaries, and the greater Everglades ecosystem. Deep injection wells are thought to be a useful mechanism to provide water storage during dry periods. To assess this potential, ATI advanced a series of Soil Penetration Tests borings to help characterize subsurface hydrogeologic conditions for the project. Information obtained was integrated into a conceptual model that delineates likely CERP aquifer storage and recovery zones and confining units in the context of sequence stratigraphy. Carbonate sequence stratigraphy correlation strategies appear to reduce risk of miscorrelation of key ground-water flow units and confining units.

Geotechnical drilling survey for Florida Everglades ecosystem.Geotechnical Drilling Services, Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), Lake Okeechobee/ Lemkin Creek Storm Water Storage and Treatment Project

ATI Companies provided geotechnical drilling services to CDM Corporation for CERP, a long-range plan designed to restore and preserve the vast, complex Everglades ecosystem. Large-scale urban development and agriculture in the region have adversely impacted water quality and quantity and the distribution and timing of surface water flows in the system. To restore water storage capacity and reduce pollutant flow into the lake, CERP proposes to construct a series of aboveground reservoirs and storm water treatment areas with levees and pump stations, to be located throughout water basins north of Lake Okeechobee. In the Lemkin Creek area, north of the lake, ATI advanced a series of soil penetration test borings to 25 to 100 feet to characterize subsurface hydrogeologic conditions for one of the proposed levees and aboveground reservoirs. The borings were located both on land and in water. Primary investigation targets were semi-confining units within, and at the base of, the surficial aquifer, and paleo-karst features. ATI also installed piezometers and conducted aquifer performance tests.

Geotechnical drilling for subsurface hydrogeologic conditions Hillsborought County Florida.Geotechnical Drilling Services, Hillsborough County Southeast Landfill, Florida

ATI Companies conducted geotechnical drilling services for Hillsborough County to characterize subsurface hydrogeologic conditions and mechanical and physical properties of subsurface soils as part of a planned expansion of the landfill, which is located on the site of a former phosphate mine.

ATI used mud rotary drilling to advance a series of Soil Penetration Test (SPT) borings and collect soil sample. Based on a soil testing laboratory results, ATI then advanced additional boreholes adjacent to select SPT boreholes and collected undisturbed soil samples at specified depth intervals using a Shelby tube. In intervals where the soil was loose or poorly consolidated, samples were collected using a piston sampler.

ATI also completed wellheads for existing piezometers at the site, installed additional piezometers, and used the piezometers to conduct aquifer tests to determine the coefficient of permeability of subsurface sediments. ATI coordinated with and provided oversight for a subcontractor who installed a 4-inch diameter water supply well to 380 feet below land surface and installed and tested a dedicated downhole pumping system in the well.

Geotechnical soil boreholes for lock and floodgates in Louisiana.Geotechnical Drilling Services, Houma Navigational Canal Lock and Floodgate Construction, Terrebonne Parrish, Louisiana

ATI Companies conducted a series of geotechnical soil boreholes for Fugro Engineering’s joint venture with FFEB JV, Inc., and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) as part of a subsurface geotechnical investigation for construction of a lock and floodgate complex in the Houma Navigation Canal (HNC) located in Louisiana. The objectives of the lock and floodgate construction are hurricane flood protection and salinity control. The HNC is a man-made channel constructed in 1961 that provides direct access to the Gulf of Mexico from the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway at Houma, Louisiana. To access the boring sites, ATI mounted the drill rig on a marsh buggy with tracks that also served as the drilling platform. ATI conducted Standard Penetration Test borings to 220 feet, collected undisturbed soil samples using a deep piston sampler, prepared soil logs, and grouted abandoned boreholes. ATI conducted the work in accordance with USACE guidelines.

Subsurface geotechnical investigation at the Leroy Selmon Crosstown Expressway, FloridaGeotechnical Drilling Services, Leroy Selmon Crosstown Expressway Roadway Collapse, Tampa, Florida

ATI Companies conducted a comprehensive subsurface geotechnical investigation for Ardaman & Associates, Inc., at the Leroy Selmon Crosstown Expressway construction site to determine the cause of the collapse of a supporting foundation pier for the elevated roadway. Due to height restrictions and difficult access conditions, ATI used multiple types of drilling, coring, and sampling equipment and set-up arrangements. Logging voids was critical and ATI was responsible for providing the client with water loss data at various strata. ATI’s services included advancing Soil Penetration Test borings to 175 feet and collecting continuous soil samples using a split-spoon sampler, undisturbed soil samples using a Shelby tube sampler, and rock core samples using a rock core bit. ATI also constructed and operated a dewatering system to facilitate drilling in the high groundwater, conducted packer testing, and installed casing in some of the boreholes to accommodate downhole geophysical logging of the boreholes.

Geotechnical drilling services for expansion of refinery in Port Arthur, Texas.Geotechnical Drilling Services, MOTIVA Enterprises, LLC, Refinery Expansion, Port Arthur, Texas

ATI Companies provided geotechnical drilling services for the pre-construction phase of expansion of the MOTIVA Enterprises LLC refinery located in Port Arthur, Texas. The expansion was planned to increase the refinery's crude oil throughput capacity to 600,000 barrels per day, making it the largest refinery in the US and one of the largest in the world. ATI conducted a series of Soil Penetration Test borings to obtain geotechnical data subsurface that were used to design the new refinery structure. Borings were located in a polluted, excavated sludge area that required use of a pontoon barge onto which ATI mounted a SIMCO 2800 truck-mounted drill rig, a rig small enough to fit on a barge yet with sufficient power to reach the total borehole depth of 150 feet achieved for the project. Some of the borings were steel-cased to a depth of 120 feet in order to maintain borehole integrity. During the work, the crew encountered a CO2 pocket at depth that required Level A personal protection equipment.

Geotechnical drilling for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans, LAGeotechnical Drilling Services, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Levee Reconstruction Project, New Orleans, Louisiana

ATI Companies provided geotechnical drilling services to MACTEC and Fugro Engineering for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USACE) project to repair levees damaged by the 2005 hurricanes that ravaged New Orleans. To access the levees, ATI used drilling rigs mounted on two Morooka Crawlers that have hydraulic systems and specially developed rubber tracks that allow access to difficult locations such as soft embankments, levees, and rough terrain. Using this equipment ATI was able to provide timely and cost-efficient execution of the work. ATI advanced over 100 Standard Penetration Test borings, collected undisturbed soil samples using a piston sampler, and grouted abandoned boreholes. ATI conducted the work in accordance with USACE guidelines.

Exploratory rock coring for mine located in PanamaRock Coring Services, Cantera Valdeza Aggregate Mine Exploration, La Chorrera, Panama

ATI Panamericana contracted with Corporación M&S Internacional CA, S.A. (M&S) to conduct exploratory rock coring for their planned aggregate mine located in the Panamanian mountains near the city of La Chorrera. The site is strategically located near the construction site for the third set of new locks on the western side of the Panama Canal. M&S will use the new mine to provide construction materials such as aggregate, sand, and backfill materials for their infrastructure and transportation construction projects in Panama. ATI employed 4-wheel-drive vehicles to access the site and transport water needed for the drilling. ATI drilled borings up to 200 feet deep and collected continuous rock core samples. The boreholes encountered basalt and andesitic rock with breccia fragments, typical of the volcanic rocks that underlie the surface in the area.

Surveying & Mapping Services - Orlando Events Center Parking Garage, Orlando, Florida

ATI prepared a Boundary and Topographic Survey and a Specific Purpose Survey delineating the projects master horizontal and vertical control points for PCL Construction Services, Inc. (PCL) of a planned construction of a multi-level parking garage. The expansion project was undertaken to meet growing demands on use of the Events Center. ATI has been on the site since site clearing was completed and will remain on call, as needed by PCL for the duration of the project to perform additional surveying and mapping services. ATI’s Topographic Survey of the 3-acres site included a 30 foot overlap beyond the site boundaries.

All improvements within the limits of the survey were located. These improvements included sidewalks, curbing, pavement, fences, above ground evidence of utilities and trees. ATI used a combination of conventional surveying instruments, a robotic total station and Geographic Positioning System (GPS) to complete the surveying tasks. ATI plotted the data collected on digital AutoCAD drawings and provided PCL provided signed and sealed copies of the drawings.

Utility Locating All Children’s Hospital expansion St. Petersburg, FloridaUtility Locating Services, All Children’s Hospital, Bayfront Medical Complex, St. Petersburg, Florida

ATI performed underground utility locating services as part of the All Children’s Hospital expansion project that included construction of a new outpatient medical facility, a large parking lot, as well as a new hospital facility. Because of the ongoing construction and demolition activities, ATI had to maneuver around large front-loaders and other earth-moving equipment as they concentrated on locating underground utilities.

The survey successfully located and identified numerous underground lines including a previously unknown power and telecommunications duct bank. ATI’s utility location survey helped in preventing a major loss of utility service, costly repairs, and even injury to workers.

Underground utility mapping at US Air Force BasesUtility Locating Services, US Air Force Bases throughout the Continental United States

ATI Companies conducted major underground utility mapping projects at multiple US Air Force Bases (AFBs) throughout the Continental US, as part of an overall effort to update GIS databases and maps for this critical infrastructure at these facilities.

At Minot AFB in South Dakota and Ellsworth AFB in North Dakota, ATI designated over 280 miles of buried primary and secondary electrical lines and at nine other AFBs mapped over 250,000 linear feet petroleum, oil, and lubricant lines. The lines were designated using electronic utility locators and ground penetrating radar. ATI conducted the designation project in accordance with Air Force accuracy standards and identifier protocols established by the various AFBs.

Subsurface geophysical survey at Wellswood Ball Park in Tampa, FloridaUtility Locating Services, Wellswood Ball Park Renovations, Tampa, Florida

ATI Companies conducted a subsurface geophysical survey at the Wellswood Ball Park in Tampa to assist in evaluating subsurface conditions prior to replacement of the park’s existing lighting system. The site had a complex array of irrigation, power, water, and wastewater lines and their locations needed to be mapped before construction could begin.

Site conditions were tight and heavy rains had fully saturated the surficial soils, which reduce effectiveness of ground penetrating radar (GPR), so that heavy reliance was placed on electronic utility locators used in conjunction with the GPR. Data from a geotechnical drilling program conducted simultaneously combined with data from the geophysical investigation produced a detailed map showing utilities and other pertinent features.

Bathymetric and geophysical surveys profiling new locks of Panama CanalBathymetric, Geophysical, and Geotechnical Drilling services, Panama Canal Consortium, Panama

ATI subsidiary, Geoview, completed the bathymetric and geophysical surveys profiling the entrance of the new locks located on the Pacific Ocean side of the Panama Canal. The work was performed jointly with Impregilo/TREVI, both world class Italian contractors who are part of the consortium.

On the Pacific side ATI Panamericana is performing the geotechnical drilling for TREVI and Jan de Nul (Belgian Contractor) at the basins to be used for recycling the water used in the new lock system, and, at the dredge spoil areas.


Moffitt-Mckinley Outpatient Clinic, Tampa, FL

Personnel from ATI Surveying & Mapping performed land surveying services on the Moffitt-McKinley Outpatient Clinic Project with SKANSKA Building USA and Pre-Cast Piling Construction.

The initial stages of the project required setting-up control points, column lines, the center of pilings, the bioreactor, sanitary sewer structures, retention pond, parking areas and driveways & lighting. 

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ATI is certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a small disadvantaged business (SBD); by the State of Florida as a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE); by the Florida Department of Transportation as a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE), by the County and City Schools Districts as a minority-owned business enterprise (SBE/MBE); and, by the Florida Water Management Districts (SWFMD and SWFWDMD) as a small business enterprise (SBE).

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